Yes we love the water. Here are our water related videos for you viewing pleasure...

Wild Wild West

Elliot was coming over early for south islands so we thought why not tee up and shoot some clips. The plan was to hit the Catlins but the swell and the wind disappeared just prior to Elliot getting on his flight from the Gold Coast. The only place getting swell was the west coast which i was dubious about but we decided to go with it anyway i mean it's only a seven hour drive from Queenstown haha. It was torrential rain in Greymouth & to top off my journey my car got hit by some pretty decent rocks which fell off the back of a truck. We both made it in one piece only problem is the swell was massive and wild. The next morning we got up around 6 and headed to the beach. Horrendous.. it was so bad. I was about to head on home when Elliot piped up about the spot round the corner, with nothing to lose and our tails between our legs we hopped in the car and drove a further 20 minutes down the coast. To our surprise it wasn't bad.. it wasn't good either but Elliot was frothing. We skulled back some lukewarm coffee and got to it. Couple sick we tunnels and some delightful hacks it was pretty to watch amongst the carnage. 
Filmed + Edited Jonathan Smit
Music by Blair Parkes -
Camera - Red Scarlet-W

These Waters
Filmed over the past winter in surf spots all over New Zealand. The idea behind all of this was to document winter through my eyes, the road trips, the cold weather, the people. No pro surfers in this clip, just the frothiest south islanders you'll ever meet. To put it lightly it's been an experience and a half shooting this film. I've met so many people, drunk a whole lot of coffee, clocked up a heap of kilometers and experienced a whole lot of New Zealand. Part one is the just the beginning. Thanks to everyone along the way, your hospitality, patience and generosity.
Here's to next winter.

The Single fin Mingle 2016
On the second & third of April 2016 the second annual Single Fin Mingle was held at Sumner beach in the South Island of New Zealand. The event has a simple philosophy- to bring together like minds from far and wide to celebrate traditional longboarding and all that it encompasses.Surfers had travelled from Australia, the U.K, USA and even Holland to join this year’s party and the local Sumner surfers were all buzzing to compete with some of the world’s best. Competitors were welcomed on day one with a cold day and messy waves but even the Christchurch easterly couldn’t blow away the good vibes at the beach. Round one of the open and women’s were completed before a collective decision was made to call the day short and start the Saturday night party early! It turned out to be a great decision (minus a few sore heads) as day two provided pumping waves and a perfect day- and that it was. The surfing was amazing and atmosphere equally as good.A huge thanks to the Sumner community for coming together and making this event such a success. The buzz has already begun for next year we hope to see you all there!
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Video Shot/edit: Jonathan Smit -

I love the water... it's my thing to do once the work is done
Sure it doesn't make me a lot of money but i love it
Love the people i meet, the waves i experience and the journey along the way